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Vote for Giz

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Without trying to stuff the ballot box or anything, the 2007 Weblog Awards ballots are now online, with November 8th being the last day you can vote Giz for Best Technology Blog. We've been a good little Gizmodo, haven't we? And you, well, you're the best little readers, yes you are. Yes you are. If we win, we promise to give each of you a ride in our private Gizmodo jet, taking you to a week-long frolic at the Gawker recreational compound, and then you'll each walk away with your own pony, complete with iPhone holster. That's right, we'll buy you a pony. Vote here. [2007 Weblog Awards]


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@smac1: Honestly, weblogs doesn't mean enough to me to put it sticky and push cool stories down. That's a bit too egotistical. Any given day, look at both home pages, and tell me which one feels more alive, reads better, and has better content. That's the only win I'm looking for.