Vote for Giz, See More Boobies

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Right, we weren't getting anywhere with our softly, softly approach, so we are stooping to bribery—with boobies. Did you expect anything less? Here's the deal: ensure we win the Best Technology Weblog award in this year's Weblog Awards, and we shall show you boobies. It's as simple as that. To prime you for what is to come, jump for a bigger version of the lovelies to the right. Did we stop there? No, we went and included a babe wearing an Optimus Prime helmet, while simultaneously holding a cocktail glass and sporting a "Vote For Gizmodo" placard, right after the NSFW jump.

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If all this is not worth your precious votes, we just do not know what is. What the heck, no matter what the outcome, we promise we'll remain jugtastic, as no woman in her right mind would let you get close enough to touch her...and because we love you. We really do. Aww, group hug time. *sniff* Vote for us here [2007 Weblog Awards]

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I agree with Jenny, I voted for Giz regardless of breasts, which really hold no fascination for me as I have a set on duty 24/7. I like Giz because of the edginess (and Giz has the best commenters). I can get boring tech specs from any site; Giz makes it fun.