vReveal Uses Military-Grade Image Stabilization to Fix Your Shaky Home Movies

If your child's piano recitals look like they were filmed during the Loma Prieta 'quake and you're too cheap to buy a tripod, you might try vReveal. It steadies even the twitchiest cam shots with military precision.


The problem: A UAV's ultralight design allows it to remain aloft for up to 24 hours but it also allows for merciless buffeting from air currents, often making any video captured nearly unusable. The solution: the US military incorporates the Ikena ISR software, which uses the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture and sophisticated multi-frame algorithms to stabilize full-motion video in real-time. The result: drones can now accurately read a license plate from thousands of meters above the target.

vReveal uses the same cutting-edge process to correct your quaking home movies, though not in real-time. Simply import the video and vReveal stabilizes it on the fly. It also auto-corrects contrast, white-balance, and lighting issues. You can even transform a panning shot into panoramic stills if you spring for the $50 Premium version, otherwise it's available for free from the vReveal website. [vReveal via NVIDIA]

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All those UFO videos will reveal that they really were just swamp gas reflecting off of Venus.