Vu Coffee Table For Your Ugly Mug

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Don't just roll your eyes when your girlfriend says its time to update your crappy bachelor furniture. (After all, two overturned crates that read "Property of US Mail" topped by half of the bathroom door you once ripped out in a moment of drunken frustration haven't been considered avant garde since Andy Warhol's days.)

The cool kids are getting into custom-design furniture, like Vuunlimited's Loft Collection coffee table. Since it comes with a printed acrylic top, Vu encourages you to choose one of its soothing nature shots, or send in your own digital image. Might we suggest your mom, your girlfriend or KITT from Knight Rider? If you're going for a self portrait, remember to think like a Third World dictator. Choose a stately image, one you won't mind staring at every day as you make those important decisions like what to eat and who to kill.

Product Page [Vuunlimited via MoCo Loco]

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I was thinking the same thing as greysky. Why not just get an inexpensive LCD from Costco, put some glass on it with padding where it meets the TV and voila! Run the power and video cord through a track and just hook it up to a DVD player with images on a disk, or whatever.

Something tells me the cost is the same.