Wait, the Motorola Xoom Costs What Now?!

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A seemingly legitimate $1,199 Motorola Xoom now sits on the Best Buy web site, ready for pre-order. What happened to the already steep $800? It would seem the hill has become a mountain for this initially well-received tablet.

While the Xoom impressed the heck out of us at CES, the luster has faded considerably since January following news that it would require a 1-month 3G network activation just to use the wifi feature. Gross.


This (new?) price point, which could very well be a placeholder, has seemingly tarnished this "iPad killer"—in quotes for a reason—even more.

Pre-ordering begins Thursday if you're interested. [Best Buy via Engadget]

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That's the Apple tax for you, but hey, the Apple fanboys will pick them up by the truckload and never complain. Etc. etc.