Wal-Mart And Facebook To Serve Up Local Offers

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Wal-Mart and Facebook are unlikely bedfellows, but here they are cozying up together in a partnership that'll create custom Facebook pages for the retailer's 3,500 stores. This is the first time a retailer has used Facebook in this way.


The idea is to make the shopping experience more personal by letting customers interact with their local Wal-Mart store on Facebook. Customers can visit the Facebook page for their local store and receive product details, event information and sales offers. Customers can even receive a map of the store which will help them find the products on sale.

Not surprisingly, Wal-Mart wants to eventually use your "like" information to personalize the experience for you. That might seem creepy, but at least you guys won't have to receive offers for feminine hygiene products, when all you want is a good deal on rakes. [Associated Press]



One of the world's largest advertising platforms getting into bed with one of the world's largest retailers seems like a pretty likely pairing to me..