Walmart Challenges Amazon Prime with Its Own $50/Year Shipping Service

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Except when treating employees like garbage, Walmart isn’t much of a trendsetter. Now, the mega huge big box store may be continuing its “me too” tradition according to a new report from The Information and the Associated Press, saying Walmart is working on a shipping service to rival Amazon Prime for $50 per year.


The “why” part of this news is pretty simple to answer—Walmart wants to stop hemorrhaging customers to Amazon’s wily web service. Walmart would rather be scammed by its own online service, at the very least.

But that $50 price tag comes with a few caveats. For one, the service won’t be the oh-so-sweet multimedia package deal that Amazon Prime is. Both The Information and AP report that early efforts will focus on just the shipping side of things, before Walmart gets into video and streaming services. If the company’s existing streaming platform Vudu—and more poignantly the horribly awful Vudu Spark—is any indication of how well Walmart will do streaming, maybe that’s for the best.

But sure, the shipping stuff makes sense. I mean think about it—Walmart basically has all the “warehouses” built and ready to go, it just needs the infrastructure to actually deliver goods to online customers, which it’s already starting to do. Walmart plans to have deliveries down to about three days, launching as an invitation-only service with access to 1 million items of all kinds.

I guess there’s no harm in having more great deals on the internet—even if it is Walmart. [The Information; Associated Press]

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Hmm, $50 to never set foot in a Walmart might actually be worth it...