Wanky, the Freaky Turn Signal Cat

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In the days before secondary brake lights were mandatory, Winky The White Cat was the thing to get to indicated to cars behind you that if they don't slow down, they'd get really intimate with the back of your vehicle. Unfortunately, Winky went out of sale nearly two decades ago.

So what did Jalopnik do? They built their own. Named Wanky, this cat was made from part of various junkers, wires, and a poor orphaned stuffed cat.

The result? A cat that scares the living bejeezus out of kids in the car behind you.


If You Can't Buy It, Build It: Wanky The Safety Cat [Jalopnik]

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Strangely enough - if my memory is accurate - these devices began to proliferate in the early to mid sixties. But they were determined to be too distracting to other drivers and many states outlawed them. Too bad they didn't go after those silly antenna oranges, too.