You're here obviously because you like what we're putting down; we as in the Gawker network of sites, and putting down as in the thing you're in the middle of reading right now. So why not help out?

We're looking for a Junior Office IT person in the NYC area. Here are the qualifications.

• Experience maintaining, building, upgrading, diagnosing and resolving PC and Mac hardware as well as software issues
• Know basic networking, Unix/Linux, unix editors (vi preferable)
• Willing to work with hardware as well as software
• Able to do heavy lifting
• Will be mostly doing desktop/laptop support, basic networking in the office with occasional trips to the data center to assist.
• This is a Junior position, the person must live in or around New York City


If you're interested, send an email to If you email me I will delete your email, but not before printing it out and burning it.