Wanted: New York Gadget Writer

Do you love gadgets? Do you love reading about gadgets, learning everything there is to know about the technologies that make up gadgets even if you don't have the money to buy each one? Do you also love writing and live in New York? Then we might have a job for you.

Here's what we require:

• Live in NYC
• Deep knowledge of gadgets—not just knowing when the next iPad is coming, but knowing what processor is inside and how it compares to similar mobile processors
• Previous writing experience, be it at a magazine, newspaper, blog or any other site dealing with gadgets or tech (at least two years of reviewing experience)
• Ability to critically review a gadget in the context of other devices, and real use case scenarios (not just in a lab)
• Ability to learn new gadgets and new gadget categories quickly and deeply


It's a full time position, and your responsibility and pay matches accordingly. I want to stress that this position is important, and your work will be featured prominently on Gizmodo as we re-ramp up our gadget coverage again. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send in your info to jobs@gizmodo.com with the subject "NY Gadget Writer".


Airing a long held pet peeve of mine. I beg your indulgence. I mean no harm. :)

The subject of this post in my RSS reader caught my attention. That is, until I realized the New York in which I live is 200 miles northwest of the New York this post refers to.

Forget a writer; perhaps you need an editor to make sure your post reads, "New York City Gadget Writer"? ;)