Watch 6 Glorious Minutes of Tig Notaro Getting Digitally Added to Army of the Dead

This great VFX reel shows all the work it took to put the comedian in Zack Snyder's zombie movie

Tig Notaro stands in front of a green screen in this VFX reel for Zack Snyder's Netflix zombie movie Army of the Dead.
Just... wow.
Screenshot: Netflix

Almost every big-budget movie uses copious amounts of VFX, and it’s always quite satisfying to see what those movies looked like before the VFX was added—and how much effort it took the CG animators and artists to create the finished product. However, this VFX showcase video from Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is extra-special.


That’s because it’s mainly focused on how Tig Notaro was inserted into the movie long after it finished production, replacing alleged sexual predator Chris D’Elia, who had originally been cast in the film. It’s absolutely wild to watch Notaro talk to a dude in a greenscreen, full-body suit only to get copy-pasted into the film to talk (nearly) seamlessly to Dave Bautista. Seriously, enjoy:

You know what I really want to see, though? All the work that went into digitally erasing D’Elia from Army of the Dead so Notaro could be inserted. I have no idea if that was more difficult than adding an entirely new actor to the film, but it would have extremely cool to see the full process of getting Notaro in the film. Of course, Snyder and Netflix would like you to completely forget D’Elia was ever involved in the film, so we’ll just have to imagine it.

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Son of Spam

That movie was a hot piece of garbage. Snyder has his detractors with fair criticisms, but all his movies had enough watchability that made me think that maybe his next film will get it right. Army of the Dead convinced me that he’s just a terrible director.

Tig was good though.