Watch a Baby Treat a Magazine Like an iPad—The Crazy Future

This is perfectly even mix of completely adorable and completely frightening. Adorable, because, well, it's a baby being cute and infantile. Frightening because her mushy baby brain's already been transformed by an iPad.


As the video's anonymous creator notes, for this 1-year-old girl, "A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work." She tries to pinch, tap, and zoom paper pages. And why not? If you're exposed to a tablet interface that works as effortlessly as the iPad, why wouldn't you expect the same from the real world? And that's just it—an entire generation of human beings will grow up with touch interfaces, and screens of all kinds, as the real world. What's paper to a screen, when you know nothing else? Defective. [BuzzFeed]



All I see is a baby grabbing at stuff. Despite clever editing on behalf of the video-owner, they have not convinced me that Steve Jobs coded part of their baby's brain.