Watch a Giant Tunnel Boring Machine Blast a Hole Through New York City

Watching a 642-ton, 300-foot-long Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) bust a hole from Manhattan to Long Island City reminds me of the tunnel cleaners in Labrinyth. Except, instead of David Bowie singing, it's Long Island City commuters.


The TBM is one of two tunnelers burrowing their way under Manhattan, with braces built as the tunneler Dig Dugs under New York eating soil and rock. Four tunnels are expected to be completed by October, so expect more forthcoming jubilation as these beasts emerge from the Earth. [MTA]



This is a nightmare! Someone named Sam Biddle complained loudly about the new Apple store in GCT, as driving more people to GCT and how the place would be even more crowded then before. THIS FUCKING THING IS CONNECTING LONG ISLAND TO GRAND CENTRAL STATION, IT COSTS 15 BILLION AND IT WILL EXPONENTIALLY INCREASE THE CROWDED GCT, WTF!!!!!!!

Boston had its big, dig NYC has this thing. How to spend 15 billion while destroying a national landmark. Way to go NYC! Where is Sam Biddle when you need him to complain about this?

By the way, the Apple store seems to not have increased the traffic, but this thing above will, am I the only one that has a problem with that?