Watch a Hammer Blast Through a Mirror at 120,000 Frames-Per-Second

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This mirror being smashed into a million pieces by a hammer at a 120,000 frames-per-second is a true sight to see. The Slow Mo Guys are back at it, showing us some more insanely delayed close ups of shattered glass.

This time around, a hammer appears to fly through a mirror instantaneously, as the camera captures it at 120,000 frames-per-second. However, when the video is slowed down, you can actually see some crazy nuanced shockwaves ripple through the material. As the head of the hammer hits the glass, there’s an instant circular breakage around the contact point. Then come some poetic images of the sun catching its reflection in the flying mirror pieces, while rainbow spots come through.


Of course, this isn’t the first time these guys have experimented with filming glass exploding at turtle-pace. The Slow Mo Guys previously heated and exploded a Pyrex measuring cup to the same effect. It’s incredible how a seemingly solid material can basically be vaporized with a little bit of physics and a lot of guts.

[The Slow Mo Guys]