Watch All Kinds of Liquids Bounce Off This New Super-Repellant Coating

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed an advanced hydrophobic coating that they claim is able to repel any type of liquid known to man. In fact, the coating is actually referred to as being superomniphobic since hydrophobic coatings can still let certain liquids pass through a given material given its makeup or the conditions.


But the new superomniphobic coating—composed of an electrospun cross-linked fiber mesh—prevents all liquids, whether they have high or low surface tensions, from passing through at any angle. The research certainly makes for jaw-dropping demonstrations, but it could also lead to advanced coatings for truly waterproof electronics, or fabrics and clothing that you may never have to wash or worry about spilling on. That right there is real innovation people. [Journal of the American Chemical Society via Popular Science]



I've been following these superhydrophobic coatings for over a year now hoping something would come out on the market that I could put on the bottom of my small sailboat to make it faster. Rubbermaid has had their Clean and Dry plunger out on the market for almost a year now that has a superhydrophobic coating. The problem with these coatings appears to be that they are delicate and lose their liquid shedding ability if they are scuffed or handled. When freshly applied and in a controlled setting they work marvelously, but apparently they don't last long in "real world" applications. Perhaps the product featured here is different and more durable.