Watch an Adorable Girl Grow from a Baby to 12 Years Old in Less Than Three Minutes

Frans Hofmeester filmed his adorable daughter Lotte every week, from when she was a baby to how old she is now (12 years old), and stitched all the videos together to make this amazing time lapse video that shows what growing up looks like.


Hopefully he'll be able to continue this awesome project of his daughter in the future too. [Frans Hofmeester Vimeo]

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Awesome video.....and I hate to be complaining....but really, why does their daughter need make up at 11 years old? I only have sons....but had I had a daughter, I wouldn't let her wear makeup til high school. Am I the only one who thinks 11 is too young to be wearing makeup? (other than for special occasion like a wedding or something)

And I'm an atheist. lol.