Astronauts Tim Peake (the first official UK spacewalker) and Tim Kopra will spend around 6.5 hours replacing the voltage regulator, restoring power to one of eight power channels. The electrical fault is from a short in November that tripped a switching device, but couldn’t be fixed until the right supplies arrived. The fix is actually really simple—the two Tims will only need to remove one bolt.


Kopra in the airlock as Peake suits up in a SAFER emergency jet pack. Image credit: NASA/ESA


After making repairs, the astronauts will continue modifying the station to prepare for future commercial crew vehicles. They’ll be rigging cables in preparation for installing new docking adapters for Boeing Starliner and the SpaceX Crew Dragon.

Update: The spacewalk ended early due to water in Peake’s helmet.


Top image: NASA astronaut Tim Kopra [left] and UK astronaut Tim Peake organize their tools prior to exiting the station. Credit: NASA

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