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Watch Cortana, Siri, and Google Now Yell at Each Other and Go Insane

Cortana is the newest member of the virtual assistant family, so we thought we'd get the whole crew together for a chat. Turns out getting a sit-down between Siri, and Google Now is not only funny, but also a great glimpse at how the world will work after the machines finally take over.


All three of these cyber-assistants are actually pretty good and not rambling unnecessarily, but if you ask them just the right questions in the right order (or simultaneously) they will chatter up a storm of recursive nonsense that will either make you chuckle, want to cry, or both. The result is like listening to three demented parrots bicker with one another. Fun!

Ask not "to whom shall I send this text." It is sent to thee.

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Not as insane as I hoped. I wish I could find that video to some other two programs talking to each other where they start getting snippy with each other.

EDIT: Found it!