Watch every single 2000 AD cover fly by in 4 minutes

In honor of Britain's most venerable science fiction comic magazine, a 2000 AD superfan has made a video collage of every single issue from February 1979 to December 2010. That's over 1500 issues — a veritable thrill power overload!


In this video, 7.5 covers zip by every second. Here's the the soundtrack listing from videographer AeroVidTube:

The 2000AD themed soundtrack medley includes:
2000AD by The Rezillos
Hanging out with Halo Jones by Transvision Vamp
Mutants in Mega-City 1 by The Fink Brothers (Madness)
Meag-City 3 by Spizzenergi 2
I am the Law by Anthrax

[Via Forbidden Planet International]



As a Brit, I feel I should have read every issue of 2000 AD. The few comics I did manage to read as a kid I loved, especially the ABC Warriors.

I can't wait to retire, head to a tropical island and buy EVERY goddam compendium of 2000 AD and enjoy to my hearts content.