Watch Gizmodo Set the Guinness World Record for Fastest Typing Speed on an iPad (Can You Beat Us?)

Who says they can't type on an iPad keyboard? Not us! Woody Jang, our video editor, just set the Guinness World Record for fastest typing speed on an iPad. With one hand, he blazed out the alphabet in 3.93 seconds. The previous record was a snail's pace of 4.7 seconds.


It all started with a little friendly competition with our Gizmodo friends across the pond. Guinness arranged a cross-Atlantic battle between Gizmodo and Gizmodo UK so that we could compete against each other to see who had the speediest, most nimblest fingers on an iPad. And despite the valiant effort of the Gizmodo UK staff (hi Kat!), no one was able to compete with the lightning bolt that is Woody Jang. Like literally no one in the world. He owns the world record for typing on an iPad now.

But of course, records are meant to be broken! The Guinness typing challenge requires a user to type the entire alphabet on an iPad as fast as they can, one-handed. If you think you can challenge Gizmodo, record yourself typing and upload your video to Guinness here. Pro tip: make up time by speeding through "fghijklmnop". Happy typing. We'll be waiting. [Guinness World Records]


Brent Rose

Woody rules!