Watch How Absurd Email Would Seem in Real Life

We've all been using email for years, but that doesn't mean that everyone's mastered it as an art. This video takes a humorous look at how absurd everyday email screw-ups would seem if they happened in real life.

Whether it's not switching off your out-of-office, forgetting attachments or dumb reply-alls, slips in email would seem moronic in person. So maybe let's all agree to stop making them? [YouTube]

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Greg the Mad

Inbox Full

lol, what? How much email do you have to get to fill up the, what, 2GB you get for a g-mail account? I have an email account where I get mails daily and never deleted any in years, yet it still only fills about 5% of my inbox (mostly text to be fair).

Though, that’s the only thing I could nitpick, nice video.