Watch How Common Photoshop Tricks Were Done In the Darkroom

Editing a photo is as easy as clicking a mouse with the modern magic of Photoshop. But another type of magic dominated when the only option was a darkroom and enlarger. Some of us remember these days well, but for the young'uns out there, this demo shows just how photo editing went down in the film days.

No, you won't find equivalents of Photoshop's magic wand or clone stamp. Dodging and burning are the most well-known darkroom analogies, but other less obvious Photoshop actions can be performed in a darkroom. Masking, feathering, and gradients are some of the ones covered in the video.

If you've never worked in a darkroom before, I highly recommend it for a completely different way of working with photographs that most youngsters have never experienced. It looks laborious, but it's loads of fun! [ISO 1200]

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Cochese: 4k120fps

I really enjoyed developing black and white prints myself; color... I've never had to, despite having access to a color processing facility. It's something I'll never want to do.

As much as I used to enjoy using my film camera, I really couldn't wait to get a good DSLR. Not only has it accelerated my learning, it has also lightened my wallet, given me more time and I hardly ever miss those quick to capture shots. I'm still pissed I didn't capture the three deer roaming up the side of a hill at sunset. If only I'd had my digital at the time.
It'd have been C1 shoot! And I'd have had the image. Instead, my film, shutter, and aperture settings were not set for the shot I needed.

I guess if I were just doing landscapes, I could go back to film. But nahh. Like he said, film is great, but Photoshop is the most powerful tool in the photographer's bag.