Women have the ultimate trump card when it comes to dealing with pain: they give birth. And since men have no idea what giving birth even feels like, we really don't know how painful it really is. Maybe it's all a big conspiracy (kidding!). Maybe it's not that bad (of course it is!). Well, two men attached themselves to a machine that simulates labor pains and um, it ain't pretty. It looks torturously gruesome. Thank you women everywhere. Thank you.

The footage is from Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno's Dutch TV show Guinea Pigs and the labor pain was simulated through electrodes. Strapping the electrodes to their stomachs allowed the guys to experience the feeling of contractions. It starts off nicely! The duo giggle at the first few contractions but as it keeps going, they start screaming and holding each other in pain. And they didn't even have to really give birth!


The whole clip is in Dutch but the real action—as in seeing the two guys wither in pain—starts around the 4:30 mark. Did I give my thanks to women everywhere, yet? Thank you. Truly. [Time via Neatorama]