Watch NASA Crash a Helicopter on Purpose Right Here, Right Now

Want to watch a copter crash live and guilt-free? Of course you do. Well you're in luck: NASA is serving one up right now.

Today the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, will be dropping a 45-foot-long CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter fuselage—complete with 13 unlucky crash dummy passengers—and watching it smash into the ground.


NASA's streaming the drop live, but it's also catching a whole bunch of footage to look at after the fact. There are 40 cameras mounting in and around the falling fueselage, and some are filming at 500 FPS to capture the crash in all its slo-mo glory. You know, for science. But really, this is an exercise in engineering.

So tune in to watch it all go down. Literally. [NASA]


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