Watch Ninjas Flip Out And Kill While Filmed by RED Epic Drone Copter

The internet is becoming ripe with production teams trying to outdo each other with amazing copter-camera rig videos. This one might take the cake. Not only does it feature a RED Epic camera and some skilled piloting, but it features Ninjas going berserk on each other in barren factory apocalypse land. That's just a recipe for success.

The video was made by Berlin post-production and vfx studio Omstudios. They used their very own Omcopter for the job, showcased in the video below. The rig can apparently reach heights up to 150 meters, limited to how far away the operator can see the thing.


The agility and smoothness of these types of devices is really amazing. It seems like only a matter of time before they are adapted in some way by major movie studios. [Vimeo via NoFilmSchool]

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Awesome location. Really enjoyed the vertical motion of the camera as the actors climbed all of those exposed stairs, and the final shots on the rooftop were pretty spectacular. Obviously the fight choreography was not so great but I give them props just for having the balls to strap an Epic to something that's easy to crash.