Garry Winogrand is known for being one of the 20th century's greatest photographers. This video clip from a 1982 documentary is a wonderful peek at Winogrand roaming the streets with his camera and ruminating on photography.

Winogrand's documentation of everyday life in mid-century America, mostly in the form of candid shots of people on the street, perfectly portrayed the times. The video above is from a 1982 documentary, Contemporary Photography in the USA, and it features Winogrand with a Leica around his neck, always with one eye on his surroundings. It was shot just two years before Winogrand's death.


It's not often you get a first hand account of the methods of past masters of photography, so this clip is a treat, if only to see the mannerisms and habits of someone who truly had an eye for amazing images. I find his frantic way of constantly moving the camera and reframing each shot to be so interesting, and the speed at which he works is certainly impressive. [Juxtapoz]