Is it any surprise that fledgling virtual reality headset porn is terrible? That's why it's delicious to watch people get their first taste of weird, not-very-realistic virtual reality porn.

Complex showed a bunch people I assume are Complex staffers a bit of the available VR porn. We're guessing it's probably running with an Oculus 360 video app, for a Samsung Gear. The question is whether this porn was filmed natively to be VR, or if it's just a 3D POV flick adapted for a VR experience. Either way, everyone's reactions are hammy and hilarious.

There is actual VR porn out there, but we're still not sure whether this video capturing people watching the real deal — maybe it's just POV porn that's being watched in a headset. It's not interactive from what I can tell. It's just really intense because the Gear VR makes the experience quite immersive.

Trumped up claims about the VR-ness of this porn doesn't make me want to try it any less, mind you. Porn doesn't have to be good to do the job. [Devour]