Watch Phantom Cocktails Slowly Explode to Beastie Boys Beats

Is it just me or does 5000 fps really make everything more awesome?

This video is actually an amalgamation of deleted footage. Created by Ty Migota on a Phantom High-Speed Camcorder, these scenes—each between 5,000 and 89000 fps—were intended to become part of the opening credits for Nik Perleros' movie "How To Get Laid" but didn't quite make the final cut. Instead, Migota stitched them together, overlaid a soundtrack by the Beastie Boys, and voila—super slo-mo shots of shots being shot. [Vimeo via The Awesomer]


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question: how do they get footage to be 5000 frames a second. Is that the speed and just quality of the camera or is that done during the editing through final cut or some other program?

also the flashes of lights between each scene, would that be a literal flash of light on the camera or is the done in the editing process as well?