Watch Sony's Drone Prototype Take Flight

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Aerosense, Sony’s new drone business, just released video of its drone prototype flying, and it’s so cool I kind of wish I had the ability to Honey I Shrunk the Kids myself so I could fit inside it.

Now, obviously, this isn’t the most original drone design in the world. Sony partnered with an autopilot startup called ZMP to form Aerosense, and the new company didn’t exactly go reinventing the aircraft: It looks like a miniature airplane.

A beautiful miniature airplane.

It can fly for up to two hours, maxing out at 106 miles an hour. Take-offs and landings are vertical, and look at it go!

The drones can carry up to 22 pounds of cargo, but this isn’t a bid to compete against Amazon and Google as they race to create delivery drones. Aerosense’s majestic baby aircraft are meant for aerial infrastructure and land surveys, not to replace your pizza guy. Unfortunately, that means these drones will only be used to service business customers, so you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to fly something like it.


Even more unfortunately, no one has invented a shrinking potion, so none of us can joyride this bugger.

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GIF by Andrew Liszewski