Watch the Adorable Sweet Tooth Series Get Even More Adorable With a Blooper Reel

Your day can only be improved by watching Christian Convery and Nonso Anozie goof up and goof around

Deer child Gus (Christian Convery) peers out a barn door in Netflix's Sweet Tooth.
Sweet Tooth’s Christian Convery as the deer-boy hybrid Gus.
Image: Kirsty Griffin/Netflix

If you’re still upset about Netflix’s horrendous USA Today front-page Sweet Tooth ad last week—and you should be—this might help you calm down a tiny bit. Netflix has released a short blooper reel for the show, adapted from the comic by Jeff Lemire, and if you thought the series was cute, well, you haven’t seen already cute deer-children hybrids mug for the camera.

There’s nothing shocking here, just an incredible affable moment of Anozie, who plays Sweet Tooth’s quasi-guardian Big Man, getting a bit too into the canned peaches he’s supposed to be eating. Enjoy!


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I keep seeing that deer kid’s picture all over Gizmodo/AVClub and it creeps me out.

I don’t get Netflix, but part of me hopes it flops so he goes away.