Watch the Full Documentary About 3D Printed Weapons: Click. Print. Gun.

After getting teased with the trailer for Click. Print. Gun, Motherboard's documentary on the 3D printed gun movement, we finally get to watch the whole thing. The doc takes a look at Cody R. Wilson, a 25-year-old University of Texas law student, and how he's been building weapon parts with a 3D printer.


Right now Wilson and his team prints AR-15 lower receivers (the thing that houses the operating parts of a gun) and is working to print 30-round magazine clips. The lower receiver only takes seven hours to print, the magazines are being printed in an effort to show how silly Wilson thinks gun regulation is. You can read the whole report and watch the documentary from Motherboard here. [Motherboard]


Kyle Carter

What I've never understood about the whole gun control argument is the 'guns are tools, not just for killing people'. Okay I get that people like shooting off rounds at targets, but trying to say that guns aren't for killing people just seems odd to me, especially assault rifles. What could they be useful for, overkill hunting? I really have no idea, if anyone can fill me in on that mindset please do.

It's like if someone was trying to argue that instead of needing a knife to prepare food, they'd need a samurai sword. The pro-gun argument is full of holes.