Watch the Real-Life Terminator Hand Tackle Everyday Tasks With Ease

Seeing a fully articulated prosthetic hand going through its full range of motions is always fascinating, and the Bebionic V3's capabilities are downright amazing. But what's really important is how well it can handle everyday mundane tasks. After all, in the end it's not a tech demo, but a device meant to improve somebody's life.

So in this video Bebionic demonstrates the 14 grip patterns and hand positions of the V3 prosthetic. But more importantly, how they can be used to do everything from spread butter on a slice of bread with a knife, to use a computer mouse, to solving a Rubik's Cube. There's nothing flashy like snatching a bullet out of the air or crushing a billiard ball, because for someone who's lost an arm, simply stirring a cup of coffee with a spoon can be life-changing. [Bebionic via Automaton]


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