Watch the sorcery that is making nonstick frying pans

You melt down the aluminum alloy ingots, pour it into a funny shaped die, shave it and sand it down, sand blast it, get shot with plasma flame melting powder, mix up dozens of chemicals and thousands of diamond particles for the coating shower, get applied with the final non stick layer and get baked in a furnace. It’s complicated so it must be sorcery.


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Broken Machine

While I can be hypnotized by any how-shit-is-made video, I’m officially done with “non-stick” pans (PTFE and the like)... I received a cast iron pan this winter and seasoned it and cooked on it many times since then. I poured 3 eggs into the hot skillet forgetting to put butter in... the eggs did not stick.

...and lest you think I’m some luddite that is afraid of altzheimer’s disease from cooking with aluminum pans, no, I’m sick of replacing thin aluminum pans that warp under high heat yilding them unusable far before you ingest the flaked off bits of non-stick coating.