Watch the Stars of Batwoman Season 2 Describe the New Season in One Word

The new Batwoman.
The new Batwoman.
Image: CW

The second season of Batwoman will represent a soft reboot for the series, a beginning of a rebuilding effort after the first star, Ruby Rose, left the show. With Javicia Leslie as the new Batwoman, the show is geared up to begin anew. But what’s it going to be like?


In a cute new video from the CW, the stars of the show describe what it’s going to be like in one word. Well, mostly. A couple of ‘em use two. It’s the effort that counts, people. The video doesn’t provide a whole lot of concrete info about the upcoming season, but it’s rich in vibes.

The time until we’re going to see what this new version of Batwoman is like grows closer. The premiere is set for January 17th, and will feature Javicia Leslie’s new Batwoman, with an entirely different ethos and set of motivations than Kate Kane. I look forward to seeing how it goes.

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Angrier Geek

I’m wondering if the producers even know their own show. It’s all about connections. The bad guy is the sister of the hero. Her ex-lover works with her father to shut her down. She’s assisted by the son of the man who assisted the previous hero who was her freaking cousin! Throwing a stranger in there makes no sense. They just should have recast.

I don’t have high hopes but maybe they’ll surprise me. The first smart thing they can do is just throw out that “Hush Pretending To Be Bruce” storyline because all it does is make you wonder why Bruce himself isn’t doing anything about it (not to mention it’ll work about 5 seconds in a city filled with people who actually knew Bruce and know things Hush couldn’t possibly know).