Watch the truly extreme stunts and tricks that this helicopter does

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The opening sequence of the latest James Bond movie Spectre involves explosions, a chase scene, a well tailored suit and a fight scene inside a totally insane helicopter ride. This behind the scenes footage shows how batshit some of those tricks and maneuvers were. The helicopter purposely dives itself into a group of people on the ground, almost crashes into them, and then soars up at the very last second for added dramatic effect. I would have fainted if I was there.

Aerobatic helicopter pilot Chuck Aaron was the guy behind the stunts and he pulled off loops and barrel rolls and backflips and vertical climbs and vertical dives and a bunch more crazy stuff inside the helicopter. What’s interesting is that they had to film those tricks at a different city than the rest of the scene because the altitude of Mexico City was too high and the air was too thin.


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