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Watch the World Edit Wikipedia in Real Time

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In the past few seconds, someone from Canada edited the Wikipedia page for The Hangover Part III while another person in Fresno, California tweaked the page for Armenian cuisine. It keeps on going. The world is constantly editing Wikipedia, whether it be for a 'List of Playstation 2 games' or 'Status of same-sex marriage' or 'Airbnb', we're all crowdsourcing are smartness. And you can watch where the world is getting smarter in realtime.


This Wikipedia Recent Changes Map shows the map of the world and the pages being edited on Wikipedia. Created by Stephen LaPorte and Mahmoud Hashemi, it shows the anonymous edits done on Wikipedia at any given moment (only unregistered users are identified by their IP address).

This map listens to live feeds of Wikipedia revisions, broadcast using wikimon. We built the map using a few nice libraries and services, including d3, DataMaps, and This project was inspired by WikipediaVision’s (almost) real-time edit visualization.


You can see the map here. [Wikipedia Recent Changes Map via BoingBoing]

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