Watch: The World Trade Center Wails In Strong Winds

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New Yorkers who live near One World Trade Center already have to contend with "fortress-like isolation" caused by the imposing NYPD security perimeter. But according to neighborhood residents, there's something far spookier going on at the WTC site: A "ghoulish" howling that happens during storms and high winds.

The Tribeca Citizen recently posted a new video of the aural phenomenon, which sounds like a cross between an untrained flutist and a very high-pitched cartoon ghost. But commenters have been quick to point out that the sound is nothing new—one even claims that the noise has been around since Hurricane Sandy, at least ("it was very loud at times and I thought it was caused [by] the exposed iron work at the top at that time").


Sandy was in October of 2012—when the WTC was still far from topped out—which gives us a clue as to what's generating the howling, architecturally speaking. While some speculate that the noise is caused by the whistling of wind through the large metal spire, it seems more likely that it results from a canyon of air between One World Trade and another nearby building. It's hard to say, though—so we've reached out to the architects for more information. [Curbed; Animal NY; Tribeca Citizen; Thanks Matt!]