Watch Over 1,000 Robots Dance Since Robots Aren't Creepy Enough Already

Robots already have the potential to be creepy (those cold, dead eyes and unmoving faces only just add to the uncanniness of it all), but have you ever seen them dance? What about over 1,000 of them?


According to Guinness World Records, Ever Win Company & Ltd, which produced the robots, broke the previous record of 540 simultaneously dancing robots with 1,007 of them.

The robots were 43.8 centimeters (or 17.2 inches) tall, and had to dance for a solid 60 seconds in unison. While a few of the robots were disqualified because they didn’t dance or they fell over, the majority of them were able to complete the routine, thus qualifying them for the record.

According to the chief technology officer from the company, the robots were controlled from a single mobile device and were built with a special encryption technology that would prevent interference from other devices in the area.

This event took place at the Qingdao Beer Festival in Shandong, China, which is known as the Asian Oktoberfest, because if there’s one thing you want to show a very drunk person, it’s this many robots dancing.

[Geek via Guinness World Records]

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