Watch This Bread City Fall Into Actual Decay

People talk about cities falling into decay all the time, but it's usually metaphoric. Not so with this cityscape made of bread—which moulds and crumbles before your eyes.


Theater set designer Johanna Mårtensson created this doughy dystopia after reading an article about how the world could cope quite easily without humans littering its surface. He explains:

In a model building I wanted to give thoughts around the reality, that we consider ours and look at it as a scenography to an imagined scenario. A scenario by nature occasional and perishable. What is behind it or what will happen when the decor moulds might not be a coming apocalypse but the creation of a new process. Not without humor I wanted to give another picture of what might happen when the show is over.


So, he built a series of buildings out of bread, left them for six months, and photographed them every day. The result is certainly thought provoking—though we're sorry if it's put you off your breakfast. [FastCo via Architizer]

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that jersey Guy

I used to live on the corner of Pumpernickle and Rye it was a pretty crusty crowd