Watch This Fiery American WW2 Bomb Exploding In Munich Yesterday

Put up your headphones and pump up the volume, because you need to hear the sound while watching this American 550-pound (250 kilogram) bomb exploding in Munich, Germany. Can you imagine thousands of these falling and exploding all over the city? Hell on Earth.


And this was a small one—the US Army Air Force dropped 1000-pound armor-piercing bombs as well as big 2000- and 4000-pound bombs known as Blockbusters. Think about those plunging from the bellies of B-17s and B-24s.

The bomb was discovered in Munich's Schwabing district last Monday, when construction workers found it buried in the ground. Explosive experts determined that they couldn't render the bomb inert because it used a chemical reaction fuse, not a mechanical one. As a result, they had to detonate it after evacuating 2,500 residents.

They made the bomb explode at night, causing windows to shatter and some nearby building roofs to catch on fire.

There's a lot of bombs to be discovered yet—did you know that 600 tonnes of ammo from both world wars are discovered every year? And that an estimated one in about eight WW2 bombs didn't explode? [BBC]

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So... the ONLY option was to detonate it? Is anyone familiar with the circumstances that led to this being the way to do this?