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Watch This Guy Blow an Upside-Down, Fire-Spewing Smoke Tornado Inside a Bubble

Gif: Dustin Skye (YouTube)

If the internet has benefitted humanity in any way, it’s by spotlighting people’s amazing-yet-questionably-useful talents. Is blowing bubbles and filling them with upside-down smoke tornadoes that spew fire a lucrative pursuit? I don’t know, but I sincerely hope bubble artist Dustin Skye finds a way to make some coin from his unique skillset.

Using specialized tools instead of those plastic wands included with industrial-sized bottles of bubble solution, for this trick Skye creates multiple chambers which he fills with butane gas, smoke, and mouth-blown currents. When they’re eventually all combined, an inverted smoke tornado forms, drawing the butane up and out of the bubble through a hole where it’s ignited and burns as it’s expelled into the air.


It’s a marvelous trick, and one you absolutely should not try at home. Seriously, Skye probably shouldn’t be playing around with butane gas like this either, but he’s obviously spent a lot of time practicing and perfecting his craft. You have not, and there’s no reason to try this yourself. Go think up another original bubble trick if you want a few moments of YouTube fame—minus the explosive gases.

[YouTube via Likecool]

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