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Watch This Man Win the $294 Million Powerball Jackpot

Watch one of the two winners of the $588 million Powerball jackpot last Wednesday. He looks at the numbers and goes "YES!", then he shows it to the store clerks, as if he couldn't believe his luck.


The moment was captured by the store's CCTV cameras. I always thought that, if this happened to me, I would keep my cool, go to my house and scream and jump for an hour—and then call a lawyer. But watching this, I think I wouldn't be able to hold the joy.

According to the store clerk, the ticket had the numbers indeed. Nobody knows the winner's identity yet, but I'm sure we will know soon.


Powerball officials have confirmed another winner, a Missouri mechanic called Mark Hill and his wife. [ITV]

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Harry Sawyers

Can't believe he lets go of the ticket for a sec to hand it over to the clerk. (As seen in the main video, near the end.)