Watch This Steam-Powered Vinyl Play Doubly Retro Rock and Roll

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It doesn't get much more raw than the Sex Pistols. Unless it's the Sex Pistols on vinyl. Or rather, the Sex Pistols on a record player powered by a homemade steam engine. Yeah, that's raw. And surprisingly squeaky!

From creator Asciimation:

The engine speed is controlled by a throttle being driven from a servo controlled by an Arduino. The RPMs are measured by a coil detecting the passing of six magnets in the edge of the platter and the approximate revs are displayed on an analogue meter. I am using the PID controller library to do the work out how to control the servo based on the input speed. The safety valve is making the whistling noise at the start as steam pressure is built up. A small flick of the platter will start the engine and then the Arduino takes over trying to maintain 33 1/3 RPM.


And that's after a string of prototypes that weren't quite so successful.

Now while we're on the subject of outdated technology fueling outmoded formats: when's my flint-and-steel powered 8-track player going to be ready? [Asciimation]