Watch This Street Artist Put Bob Ross to Shame in Less Than Three Minutes

The Joy of Painting is a wonderful program—assuming you can get past the Afro and not doze off. But, if you don't have an hour to learn to paint "happy trees," check out street artist Fabian Gaete Maureira compose scenes like Bob Ross on crank.


Maureira works in Santiago, Chile, using primarily his fingers to speed-paint nature scenes on glass panes. According his display, each piece is completed in just about three minutes. I have no idea how he gets trees to appear like that but you can see more of his work at Arte100cia. [Arte100cia via Reddit].


Street artists like this are in most cases completely different from artists who try to work inside a philosophical framework supporting their art - i.e. they "produce, but they don't create. Nature scenes like these, while impressive because of their speed, all follow a simple pattern: if you were to see 100 of his paintings, you'd see that you can divide them in groups because each "type" of painting has a procedure that he follows, sometimes mixing up colors but staying essentially the same, which is why, in my opinion, this has not much to do with art. It's easy to draw pine trees for example if you know how to incline your finger the right way, just as it is easy to do with the right kind of brush. However, this will never reach the complexity that something like this here by Antoine Watteau, I don't like him particularly, but he was skilled enough that I know that I couldn't have imitated him, even if he gave me a 10 week crash course in his painting technique, which is more than I can say for the guy in the video.

An "artist", as I see it, even if he only sprays three circles of paint somewhere in 3 minutes, does so out of a specific reason, he tries to accomplish something new, and you won't find 2 paintings of him that are put together according to exactly the same pattern, he will always try to do something new.

Of course this man here in the video has a lot of practice and he's quite good at what he does, but I doubt he could produce something astonishing for you once you've seen 10 of his paintings. Sure this is pleasurable to the eye, but there's a reason these things don't show up in museums...just like the wonderful photographic portraits painted by street artists. They may be good, but they're not new nor original - a thousand people can do it, even though I may not be one of them. A true artist, if I may say so, has to find the one thing he can do that no one else can, otherwise his work is moot.