Watch Two ISS Astronauts Go on a Spacewalk Live

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Two astronauts are about to step outside of their flying metal space-tube for a six-hour walk around the void. The purpose is to do a little DIY space station repair.


This is actually the second spacewalk this month for ISS astronauts Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins. The last one was to install a new door, but this time, they have a whole list of smaller tasks to accomplish over the half-dozen hours they’re out there.

Williams (wearing the spacesuit with a red stripe) and Rubins (wearing the plain suit) will do some work on the ISS cooling system and tighten the joints of the solar arrays. Particularly exciting, though, is that they’re also going to be putting up some new high-def cameras that they can use to monitor the ISS itself and also see some of the surrounding space. Not only is this likely to result in some stunning views, it will also give astronauts a clearer view of the cargo vehicles docking and leaving the space station.


You can watch the whole thing, which will begin at around 8 a.m. EDT and extend into the afternoon, right here.

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Man, this stuff just knocks me out. I grew up in the ‘50s reading stories about fictional astronauts working on fictional space stations. Now I’m watching real astronauts working on a real space station, and on my pocket computer! I’m so glad I made it to The Future™.