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Watch Two Psychos At Once with Steven Soderbergh's Trippy Movie Mashup

I have a confession to make. I've never seen Psycho. I've seen Rear Window. I've seen The Birds. I've even seen most of Bates Motel. But I have never ever in my whole life watched Hitchcock's masterpiece.


Tonight, I just might. Steven Soderbergh—who's known for doing quirky things like publishing a list of everything he read or watched in a year or a random blog post about the least famous James Bond movie—just breathed some new life into the half century-old film. He actually combined Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho from 1960 with Gus Van Sant's Psycho from 1998 into one film. Sometimes he lets one version or the other stand on its own, and sometimes the films are blended together in a ghostly mashup. And since Van Sant copied Hitchcock almost shot-for-shot, the overall effect is stunning.

Hitchcock purists may think this juxtaposition is sacrilegious, but I think it's pretty neat. Then again, I still listen to Girl Talk on a fairly regular basis. I just like remixes, okay?!


Watch Soderbergh's mashup in full at his site, Extension 765, and check out a clip of the famous shower scene below. [Vulture]

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Still leaves you wondering the same question when the remake originally came out — what the hell is the point if you're going to do an almost exact retread? What was Van Sant trying to do?