Watching a Guinness World Record Blob Jump Is Soaring Flying Fun

Ah, the blob jump. It's the timeless practice of using people to launch people. Trust me, you'll know what it is when you see it. This video shows a blob jump that sent someone 55 feet in the air, a Guinness world record.


Done in Switzerland, the blob jump is when one person jumps on one end of an inflatable pad to catapult the other person who's lying on the other end. The record setters used three people to catapult one person and captured it all with a helmet attached camera (and included a snazzy parabola graph to track the trajectory). But watching this, it begs the question, how much higher can we get!? What if 10 people jumped on at once? Could we send someone to space like this? I WANT TO DO THIS. [Reddit via Geekosystem]

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The people in the US wont let that record last long. I wont be surprised if someone triples that within the year