Watching The Powers Of Ten Is The Best Way To Spend The Next Nine Minutes

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This video begins with a one-meter square. Every ten seconds we zoom out by one power of ten. 101, 102...all the way to 1024 meters—the size of the observable universe. Then we get closer again. A lot closer.

By the end of the video we're not only be back to that one-meter square from the beginning, but we'll have gone all the way to 10-16 meter—down to the quarks inside a proton of a carbon atom.


Awe-inspiring, isn't it?

The film was made in 1968 by Charles and Ray Eames and it's being celebrated on a fitting day: 10/10/10. On that day there'll be events worldwide to mark how inspiring and dreamy this film is.


You can follow the links to find a celebration near you, such as a showing of the film at the San Francisco Exploratorium. [Powers of 10 and FlavorPill]