Watchmen Heads To Trial Before Theaters

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The ongoing legal battle over ownership of the Watchmen movie has taken another step closer to resolution with the federal judge in charge of the case telling both sides to prepare their cases for a January trial date ahead of the movie's planned release in March of next year. Does this mean that the judge wants to see the film released on time, or is just bored of the pre-trial shenanigans? We discuss, under the jump.The judge presiding over the case, U.S. District Court Judge Gary Allen Feess, is clearly an avid fan of Watchmen director Zack Snyder's work; his setting a trial date of January 6th - exactly two months ahead of the movie's scheduled release date - was accompanied by a specific direction to Fox that they should not seek an injunction against Warners to stop the release of the movie in the meantime. In fact, pre-trial discovery and depositions have been expedited in order for everything to be ready for the courtroom at the start of next year (Fox could, of course, ignore this direction, or simply seek an injunction following the discovery phase). Between now and the trial, both Fox and Warners will be scrambling to come up with the best cases they can that each has the "real" rights to the movie - or, in Warners' case, considering the easiest way to try and settle this outside of the court room. Court sets date for 'Watchmen' battle [Hollywood Reporter]