Water Chopper Modded from Yamaha and Nissan Parts

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Almost like a sedate version of a Jet Ski, this water chopper was modded by a Maryland pizza parlor owner, using a 1985 Yamaha Virago motorbike frame and a 1990 9.9-horsepower Nissan outboard motor, and a trio of hydrofoils. Find out more about Jim Garlitz's creation after the jump.


With a top speed of 37 mph, the amateur inventor's first-ever creation worked the first time he took it onto a nearby lake for a test-drive. The hydrofoils propel the craft off the surface of the water noiselessly. "You can sustain that flight on the foils for as long as you want to," said Garlitz. "You're virtually flying."

Having three foils, the Water Chopper is very stable indeed, and can even go backwards. "It doesn't matter who you are, you can get on and ride it," said its inventor, who admitted that he didn't even draw up any plans for his $1,000 creation, which took two months to put together. "I just had it in my head this would work." [Book of Joe]

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I would like to express my appreciation to you for posting the Water Chopper story, and to those who took the time to comment, Thank You.

Also "Shrike" is correct, there are foils below the floats. The picture shows the Water Chopper at a slower speed. When you increase the speed it rises out of the water and actually flys (on the foils) above the water surface and over the waves, unless they're to high. Check out the video on [popularmechanics.com] or brightcove.com. and word search waterbike.

Thank you all for your interest, Jim.